1. Jacobi R.
    25.10.2018 @ 06:56

    Ima 21 African American from the United States and have wanted to be a toilet slave for a really long time for a beautiful woman. Is there any way that could happen.

  2. Gary J Wells
    26.10.2018 @ 03:51

    Mistress Ezada Quote
    ‘It is My dream that one day FemDom will be fully accepted in the world, and by changing the terminology We can help to break some of those misconceptions which so hinder this.

    Imagine a world in which Female Ownership of a male is fully accepted. I believe that by changing the vanilla world’s perception of FemDom relationships We can achieve this dream.’

    Mistress Ezada such beautiful words, that resound within my whole being, as i do imagine and pray each day, that soon in the future FemDom is fully accepted in the World. How wonderfully amazing the World would be if all men submitted and surrendered completely to Female Ownership and control. A World where matriarchy and Fem Dom rule presided throughout, where the testosterone within men was subdued by increases in serotonin, having all men dote on their dominant females to love, care, pamper and idolise them. My vision actually goes further Mistress Ezada, where all but a small percentage of earth men are locked in chastity, the only ones not young, virile and strong. They are also used, as sexual slaves to fertilise all women. Men all owned and dominated, know their place, and are either these few used as sex slaves free virile and with much stamina, or are as most, locked in chastity, there only to orally please and pamper, wonderfully tormented in their blissfully aching denial… How i pray for this World Mistress Ezada, that won’t come in my life time but I pray does for some future fortunate generation.
    I believe a Wold of Fem Dom matriarchy rule would be one of no wars, less hopefully or maybe no famine, more productive, effective and efficient, all through the increased zeal of men due to the nurturing nature of all women… idealistically, yes of course, would it be, I think it could, in any case it would be far far better than this World patriarchy governed mostly by men!

  3. Selm ail
    29.10.2018 @ 14:52

    Thanks ezada sinn

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