1. Robin
    04.11.2017 @ 10:51

    Hey mistress i did 1st toothpaste wich you want next please send me email mistress
    After aplying it start to burn in 30 seconds the pain inflicted after 4 the top of the pain was getting bigger and bigger the product was kept on for 20 minutes i did wash it of but cold water did hurt 🙂
    Thnx for the first task i will do all of them or extra if mistress wants that 🙂

  2. Ezada
    18.11.2017 @ 16:02

    For more task you must join My online training program and offer Me the required tribute

  3. chastityslave31
    21.01.2018 @ 13:53

    Day 1:
    Using tigerbalm.
    It was on for 30 minutes and I used a chastity device. I was in a kneeling position through the task. I coated the inside of my chastity device and put it on. Also coated my balls with the product. It is harder to handle because of its form: it is easier to use a gel like product. I started to feel the first sensations fast about 15 seconds after the session started, but it was only a warm feeling. Then at 61 sec the pain started. The pain wasn’t immediate and was growing really slowly, seconds by seconds. At 8 minutes the pain was on its maximum level, and then started decreasing very slowly. The feelings were harder on my cock (especially my cockhead), then on my balls. In my opinion the pain level was only 1.

  4. Ezada
    22.01.2018 @ 07:56

    Well done, boy!

  5. chastityslave31
    22.01.2018 @ 21:30

    Thank you Mistress Ezada. I have a question. Is it a problem if I do the next test on Sunday? Because my next unlock for cleaning from chastity scheduled on Sunday, so I cannot do these tasks every day.

  6. chastityslave31
    28.01.2018 @ 16:32

    Testing toothpaste. It was cleaning day, so I could try a new product. I used my chastity device and was in the inspection position what I learnt from your Position Manual. Thank you for that too. The toothpaste was on for 30 minutes.
    – First sensations: just a little immediately, but it faded fast and started again after 2 minutes.
    – Pain started: after 8 minutes, it wasn’t so intense but sensible.
    – Highest level: after 17 minutes, but it wasn’t bad actually arousing.
    – Level of pain: 3
    I still felt after the 30 minutes passed and when I washed it off, it was a good stinging cool feeling. I loved using toothpaste I would use it anytime instead of normal lubricant.

  7. Ezada
    28.01.2018 @ 19:39

    There is no time limit for the task. As you can see the task was published over 2 years ago

  8. Ezada
    28.01.2018 @ 19:39

    Good boy!

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